Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Call Tracking? +

Call tracking is a service which tracks every call and all the details of those calls that come in on certain phone numbers. Toll free numbers or local numbers assigned to different advertising campaigns and creative test variations. The service provides a web based user interface where you can log in and view all the details of the inbound calls they got, compare to other campaigns or test treatments (A/B testing or Multivariate testing), and even listen to the recordings of the phone calls through your dashboard, which helps for internal quality and training purposes.

Why use call tracking? +
  • Track & save money on advertising that doesn’t work.
  • Monitor your employee performance with call recordings.
  • Distribute calls to multiple people or locations.
  • Know what’s going on with SMS & email call notification.

The main benefit to using call tracking is the knowledge and analytics you get. You can use this information to track different advertising campaigns or test creative’s. This allows you to assign a different number to each marketing campaign and each website and know where all the calls are coming from. This is crucial because you can determine which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This redirection of marketing dollars to what works will more then cover the cost of the service.

What reports are available? +

Some of the reports and graphs offered are; Daily Call Trends, Calls per Campaign, Calls per Phone Number, Geography of calls, unique calls per phone number, average call durations per phone number, cost per call, cost per unique call, Estimates ROI, Estimated revenue, overall ROI.

And we are always adding new reports monthly. All reports can choose any date range.

Is call tracking worth the cost vs. a regular toll free number? +

Yes, Dynamic Call Tracking is only a few cents more than a typical toll free number and you reduce these wasteful liabilities:

  • Missed Call Cost: This is how much revenue your company loses by missing sales opportunities by missing phone calls & not knowing they ever called.
  • Inefficient Advertising Cost: The cost of your advertising that doesn’t perform up to par is not just the money it cost you, it’s also the sales you miss as a result of taking that money from other better performing advertising channels.
  • Apathetic Employee Cost: This is something that few businesses measure cause they can’t, but surveys show that most customers stop doing business with a company because of a employee that has a poor or apathetic attitude. Call tracking will record your calls, so you can review, coach, discipline, and train with real examples.
  • Unhappy Sales Rep Cost: By not optimizing your advertising you may have sales people quit. The hidden cost in a quitting sales rep is not only lost current and future sales, but the training, hiring, and sales pipeline ramp up costs associated with growing a sales force.

If you drop a 50,000 piece mailer, you need to know who called and when. This is because your cost per call could be as high as $80 to $100. So each call is worth $100. Therefore each dropped call, or missed call is a complete loss. Knowing who called and when is crucial to maximizing the results of any advertising campaign.

Is your system simple to use? +

Our system is simple. We will deliver the reports to you, just sit back and take care of your business.

Can I port my numbers to or away from your service? +

Yes, you can port toll free or local numbers to or from our service.

Are their long term contracts? +

No, we offer a metered billing based on your usage. We have no monthly subscription cost. Only pay for what you use.

Do you have local numbers in my area? +

We have local numbers in most areas of the United States.